Lehengas- The choicest wedding attire!

Lehengas- The choicest wedding attire!

The shivaree day is the most important day. It is a bright and beautiful new chapter of an individual life. In a country like India which has traditions and culture imbibed in its soil, weddings are the most auspicious. In fact it is fondly said that mother of a baby girl starts preparing for the wedding since the time she is born.

It is also said that a girl looks most beautiful on hier wedding day. It is a definite reflection of the regalia which adorns her. There are a variety regarding attires which can be wasted by bride. But the choicest option in costume of the bride is the graceful and beautiful ‘lehenga’. Lehengas are long skirt like, worn around the waist, which are about ankle length. With lehengas are worn choli and a dupatta.

Types of lehengas-

Since olden time the favorite attire of the bride has been a lehenga. Notably because concerning the family it is styled in. The price range, the embellishments and the drape material can all be customized travelling to the need and frame.

*Flared lehenga- As the name depicts it is a heavy lehenga. It comes with sequence work or zardozi work which further adds to its beauty.

*Straight cut- It is perfect for brides which have a good figure. It can be worn with heavy cholis and net or georgette dupattas.

*Fishtail lehengas- It has the design which is abutting to the body hoe knees and later flares out. It is again a trendsetter.

*A lineate cut- It is the most famous of all attributable to the fall of lehengas. It is the most elegant amongst all.

Selecting a lehenga-

On the wedding day the groom and bride is the centre of attraction of the ceremony. And most importantly the bride is. It is thus desirable for the bride to look beautiful and feel comfortable. So that she is able to carpe diem D day and all the ceremonies.

There are a few points which should be kept in mind while buying a lehenga-

Embellishments- Since lehengas are designed for monandrous purposes; they stumble on with heavy zardozi or zari work. At times this embroidery makes it overly heavy for the bride to wear it. Hence it is desirable to check with the tailor or the designer regarding the refresh of the outfit.

Design- There are a variety of variations up for grabs in the market, but a bride has to know which best suits her frame or bodyline. Further thus decide accordingly.

Fabric- There is a fullness variety from fabrics available. The most sought after being the satin. Other famous ones include georgette, crepe, besides tissue, net. Also now a day the designer mixes the fabric according to the taste of the client. Here care should be taken to handpicked the fabric according to the climate and figure.

Color- Now we all know that not full color suits everyone. Thus should subsist accordingly decided.

Once the lehengas are decided build sure to accessorize it with jewelry and wear it with poise including comfort for the most important day of your lives.

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